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So, You Want to Fish the Shenandoah River?

Let's say you're ready to come out and fish on the Shenandoah River BUT you're interested in a DIY (or otherwise unguided) experience...

If you're not ready, willing, or able to pay for a guided trip with Rivergoat Outfitters, I have a great (and affordable) alternative for you to check out!

Front Royal Outdoors has options which include shuttle services, rentals of various personal watercraft and even have a retail shop to pick up last minute tackle and other items before you depart on your excursion. They also have the ability to accommodate larger groups. By utilizing their services, you may be able to reach and fish stretches of river I am unable to access with the boat (depending on water level).

As much as I would love to host you for a trip on the river, I understand it's not always in the cards. That being said, I think it is important that you have another option to get you out on the river and "experience the Shenandoah."

Hopefully I'll see y'all out there and if you happen to use FRO, be sure to tag me in any of your content from your trip so I can follow along! @rivergoatoutfitters


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