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Promising a Fishy Future - Keeping the Shenandoah River Clean

From 100 fish days in the 90s to fish kills in the early 2000s which nearly ran fish species in the river extinct... we find ourselves in a brilliant spot for fishing the Shenandoah River approximately 2 decades later.

Shenandoah River Front Royal, VA
Shenandoah River

What does that mean?

Well, despite a ROUGH drought in 2023 the aquatic life is arguably in a great spot. Panfish populations are abundant and supporting good size along with the various forage species found in the river. This promotes opportunity and quality meals for our target species and allows them to grow at normal, healthy rates as a population. There are BIG fish in the Shenandoah River waiting to be caught (by you).

citation Fallfish Shenandoah River
Citation Fallfish


IF we can make it through spawning seasons without horrendous high water events then we can expect fish populations to continually grow, provide more (citation) catches in the future, and (hopefully) balanced aquatic vegetation levels. Unfortunately, we can't do anything to skew the outcome for such a hypothesis. What we can do is (COLLECTIVELY) become better stewards to the river.

log jam blocking launch area after high water
Log Jam

How can you help?

All you have to do is leave the river a little better than you found it. You can go out of your way foraging for trash or make it a point to have a bag with you on a float/walk to collect bottles, cans, fishing line and other debris. As a landowner on the river, maybe better prepare/secure your waterfront property so picnic tables don't end up sunken in the middle of the river. It shouldn't have to be said, but couches, love seats and other household furniture do not have a place in the river either. If we want a healthy river, then we have to work for it. This isn't just a singular Earth Day river cleanup effort. This is (unfortunately) an every time we are at the river clean something up effort.

submerged picnic table carried down river after a high water event
Picnic table

You want better?


I promise I'm doing my part.

Owner/Operator of Rivergoat Outfitters
See you out there!


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