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It's cold and the smallies are hungry!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Mid-winter warm spell creates better angling opportunity to target feeding bass in deep holes.

I was able to to get out on the water with my buddy Jordan before we rolled in to 2022. Our schedules lined up for the first time in a long while and we took advantage of the last good (gorgeous) day of the year.

We had been experiencing a spell of warm days leading up to a week of cold and rain, so we went for it. The day started off with a short paddle up river to check out an area where I routinely see musky. I saw 2 through my polarized lenses and which broke up the glare on the low, crystal clear water and had 1 follow my lure up close to the kayak and bail. Jordan and I were both on a timeline, so we headed down river instead of staying to play with the musky.

Our 4-5 hour float provided us with sunshine and 60 degrees and water temps around 50. We saw some bass roaming, a ton of carp and suckers, and managed to trick some fat smallies like the one pictured above. A green pumpkin ned rig, water deep enough I couldn't see the bottom, and nearby structure seemed to be the winning formula. This worked for the 5 fish landed that day and every one was a blessing.

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